BAM!BOX live at Nando’s

rotten babuino entertainment ltd - bam!box tape


  1. Bam!Box
  2. Double Middle Finger
  3. You Make Me Sick
  4. Teach Your Children How To Rise Above You
  5. Faithless
  6. Holler
  7. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
  8. Jaguar Ride
  9. Cool, White, Keen, Kind, Straight
  10. Mdma
  11. Regionale Stomp
  12. Scaring People
  13. Bam! In A Box
  14. Oh Yeah Oh Right

Straight outta Napoli, Bam!Box is the one man band of pizzatown punk underdog Ottavio Balzano (Andy Fag & the Real Men, Motosega), and “Live At Nando’s” is his debut release. Soulful yet lo-fi as fuck, this artifact contains 14 tracks recorded & mastered in only 4 hours, with no overdubbings. Edition of 50 c35 black tapes w/ b&w xerox punk cover. Co-produced w/ Fat City, Kaspar House Studio, Sob! Records and Dead Music

Bam!Box live at nando's tape 20180709_131113 bam! box