Wasted Pido / Vinnie Crowley split tape

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 13.49.17


  1. WASTED PIDO - goin' down south
  2. WASTED PIDO - blue moon baby
  3. WASTED PIDO - ghost of the record store
  4. WASTED PIDO - pussy eatin' blues
  5. VINNIE CROWLEY - dirty jokes
  6. VINNIE CROWLEY - summer's gone
  7. VINNIE CROWLEY - perfect storm
  8. VINNIE CROWLEY - war r&r

C20 edition of 10 yellow reflector tape


At the dawn of 2018 Vinnie Crowley and myself were (and still are) both unemployed & broke, so we decided to do a weekend in the most alcoholic side of northeast Italy – Friuli, and make a recording with my Marantz Superscope cassette recorder. The result that you now hold in your hands, are 8 dirty songs we choose between 4 recording session done in a really cold winter weekend full of cheap wine, strong weed, crazy audience on heroin, chinese bartenders, moroccan drunks, dark no future thoughts, no pussy & low wages shows. Enjoy ! (Wasted Pido March 2018)