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Thu Mar 19 ITALY San Donà (Ve) – Osteria Al Ponte
Fri Mar 20 ITALY Padova – circolo Nadir
Sat Mar 21 ITALY Milano Cox18
Sun Mar 22 ITALY Verona – Red Zone Art Bar
Mon Mar 23 ITALY Treviso – Saetta
Tue Mar 24 ITALY Marostica (Vi) – Vino Veritas TBA
Wed Mar 25 ITALY Livorno Frankie Pub
Thu Mar 26 ITALY Terranova Bracciolini (AR) – WIP
Fri Mar 27 ITALY ROMA Festival Monobanda Pido show
Sat Mar 28 ITALY ROMA Festival Monobanda Chucro show
Sun Mar 29 ITALY ROMA Festival Monobanda – Chucro Expo
Mon Mar 30 Day off Roma
Tue Mar 31 ITALY Napoli Perditempo
Wed Apr 1 ITALY Eboli Murotorto
Thu Apr 2 ITALY Corato (BA) Antico Commercio
Fri Apr 3 ITALY Lucera (FG) Hostaria AR
Sat Apr 4 ITALY JESI Man Cave
Sun Apr 5 ITALY Pesaro Orbita
Mon Apr 6 ITALY Cittadella (Padova) The Drunken Duck – Il Birretto
Tue Apr 7 ITALY Bergamo (It) – Giovanni Terrible House Party
Wed Apr 8 ITALY Bologna – Isola
Thu Apr 9 ITALY Villanova d’Asti (Torino) – La Torre
Fri Apr 10 SWISS Chamoson – Caveau San Andreas
Sat Apr 11 SWISS Granges – The Fakyou
Sun Apr 12 SWISS Bienne – Le Salopard
Mon Apr 13 SWISS La Chaux-de-Fonds – La Machine à Trucs
Tue Apr 14 SWISS Basel
Wed Apr 15 Luxembourg Op der Breck
Thu Apr 16 Luxembourg Trobadour
Fri Apr 17 BELGIUM Kortrijk – The Pit’s
Sat Apr 18 GERMANY Munster
Sun Apr 19 Holland Utrecht – Db’s
Tue Apr 21 FRANCE Metz – Tedesco bar
Wed Apr 22 swiss FRIBORG – La Coutellerie
Thu Apr 23 ITALY MILANO – Casa Gorizia o Villa Vegan
Fri Apr 24 ITALY Dueville (Vi) – the monkey shoulder bar
Sat Apr 25 ITALY Marghera (Ve) – Ghiaccio9 BoomBox Liberation Party
Sun Apr 26 VENICE OFF – chucro workshop / expo
Mon Apr 27 VENICE OFF – chucro workshop / expo
Tue Apr 28 VENICE OFF – chucro workshop / expo
Wed Apr 29 VENICE OFF – chucro workshop / expo
Thu Apr 30 Zagreb tbc
Fri May 1 Slovenia Velenje – Klub eMCe plac
Sat May 2 slovenia lubljana tbc
Sun May 3 AUSTRIA – Graz ?
Mon May 4 AUSTRIA – Vienna DAY OFF
Tue May 5 AUSTRIA – Vienna Venster99
Wed May 6 AUSTRIA – Koti’s Exhibition
Fri May 8 AUSTRIA – Hallstatt – Almhütte
Sat May 9 AUSTRIA – Berchtesgaden – Kukuckstnest


O Lendario Chucrobillyman (Curitiba, Brasil) / Wasted Pido (Venice, Italy)
EU Tour 2020

Primitive rock’n’roll – blues punk – trash country – wild, exotic & savage rhythms mayhem

O Lendario Chucrobillyman one man band from Curitiba (Brasil) was born in the Brazilian country side, and passed his childhood hearing the frenetic noise of tractors and hoes around the fields and plantations. After got his first guitar and listen to the old rock’n roll, garage music and Brazilian country songs recordings Chucrobillyman started his one man band, playing instruments such drums, pieces of garbage, Brazilian viola guitar mixing that sort of influences to make a raw bluesy and dirt music.
Legendary Chucrobillyman has been participating in several music festival all over Brazil and made some incursions to Europe, USA, Canada and México and released four albums since today. In his is last record, “Pilarzinho Rough Ballads” Chucrobillyman introduces his way to play the Brazilian viola guitar, mixing his self vision about blues, punk rock and the tunes of Brazil country side life.

O Lendario Chucrobillyman Videoclip Macumba for You

O Lendario Chucrobillyman Videoclip “Chicken Flow”

Wasted Pido one man band hailing from the swamps of Venice (Italy) with his dirty anarch rock n roll trash lo-fi blues mayhem. From the electro-trashabilly of his beginnings, Wasted Pido music gradually shifted to a primitive “jump” blues, supported by a minimal fingerpicking style and a weird “punk” songwriting. Although a prime mover in the Italian one-man-band scene, being around since 2005 and having played live all around Europe, USA, South America and Asia, “Wasted Pido Ghost Revenge” is his first official LP, and will be out on March 2020 on MacinaDischi


Wasted Pido “Shake your Hips” live at we’re loud fest Saigon 2019

Wasted Pido “Blue Moon Baby” live at Lado B (Curitiba 2014)




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